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Stomach Bleeding, Anemia, Hepatitis C, Edema, Esophogeal Reflux, Itching, Gallstones, Vertigo, Diarrhea, Cramps, Difficulty Swallowing 

Barbara (see #55 10-27-01, see #57 11-10-01 see #60 12-8-01, ) Suffered from a myriad of problems including bleeding from the stomach, anemia, hepatitis C, edema in the legs, feet, and abdomen, esophageal reflux, itching, gallstones, vertigo, diarrhea, leg, feet, and finger cramps, and difficulty swallowing. After 6 pints of blood tranfusions for the bleeding in her stomach, the doctors told her that she could not get transfusions anymore for fear of rejection. Her hemoglobin started to rapidly fall and at one point went down to 2. Today after treatments with Dr. Tong, her HB is at a stable 10.7. She has also been suffering from Hepatitis C for many years. Her virus titer was up to 300,000. Dr. Tong has lowered her virus titer down to 68. Her acid reflux is completely gone and the bloating and gas that she used to experience daily is now only an occasional problem. Barbara also has a better feeling of wellness.

Mary- (caller) Suffered from an auto accident in 1999. Experienced neck, shoulder, and back pain. She has tried numerous treatments such as physical therapy, orthopedic rehab for a frozen shoulder, chiropractic treatment, acupuncture, prolotherapy, and hyperbaric oxygen. Some therapies helped temporarily, but she still has pain from her accident.

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