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Back Pain, Leg Pain, Diabetes, Dropped Foot, Neuropathy, Amputation Avoidance


Daisy B. A 70 year old lady who had suffered from a dropped foot syndrome and diabetes. Daisy was completely unable to move her right foot. She dragged her foot walking despite using a leg brace and a walker. Her blood sugar was 180-200 or more on two different diabetic pills. 

The conclusion from exhaustive conventional evaluation and treatment by 9 different specialists was that her right leg needed to be amputated, as did the left, eventually. She had also tried acupuncture 8 times, and extensive hyperbaric oxygen therapy, neither of which provided any relief. 

NBE treatments completely cured Daisy’s diabetes and dropped-foot syndrome. She has been able to walk normally without any assistance (leg brace or walker) for the past two years. Her blood sugar also has been normal (between 100 to 120) without the use of any drugs or any further NBE treatments. It occasionally goes up to 140 or 150 when she fails to adhere to her diet. Daisy needs to return for more NBE treatments and herbal/nutritional supplements. However, she cannot afford them due to reimbursement problems with Medicare. 

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