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Zeal is by far the best supplement I have found. After adding it to my NBE and patch treatments for two weeks, I honestly feel that I am back among the living for the first time in years.

I feel that anyone can benefit from it, as it contains so many healthful nutrients. In addition, most people obtained relief within a day or two of taking it.

It is helpful for so many conditions – diabetes, hypertension, Alzheimer’s, hemorrhoids, eye sights, retinal detachment, neuropathy, fungus, skin infections, asthma, migraine, stress, tinnitus… studies even showed that it helps cancers.

The first time after taking three Zeal drinks I was surprised that I could see better that same evening! I have developed a blurry double vision recently from a lingering cold, and almost got into an accident driving at night.

That evening, I also had a good bowel movements, and my hemorrhoids did not bulged out for the first time in years!! I have suffered from constipation most of my life and developed hemorrhoids as a result. I had a surgery 15 years ago, but a few dilated veins remained… until now.

After three days, I felt more improvements. The scratchy throat and the fatigue from the cold vanished. Most exciting is that my swollen left ankle, which I have had since 2005 due to a melanoma, felt the best in years.

My problems actually began 25 years ago when l used qigong to treat patients and drained my life energy, qi. As a result, I developed chronic pain, recurrent respiratory infections, fatigue and fibromalgia. After seeking help around the world to no avail, I treated myself with NBE treatments and gradually alleviated my major symptoms.

However, I have not fully recovered. Thirteen years ago, a cold wind storm shut down my liver and I developed severe weakness, generalized itchy rash, and gangrenous legs. Amputation of my left leg was recommended.         


Through self treatments, however, I gradually improved all symptoms and healed the infections on both legs. Yet a cellulitis and swelling remained on my left ankle, which Dr. Omura diagnosed as melanoma, the most lethal form of cancer.  

I tried walking 3-4 times a week, but that did not last as it was exhausting and caused chest pain. The MBB at the T12 digestive area in the back was so tight that I developed a bony protuberance that caused me to hunch my back. A physical therapist tried to push the vertebrae back with brute force and fractured it.

My health took a bad turn three years ago after treating several sick cancer patients, and my qi was drained. The swelling of my left ankle was exacerbated (Ist photo below on L). Since then, the swelling has somewhat reduced, but it remains stiff and numb.

The worst was the fatigue. For three years I could do nothing except eat and sleep. I had reduced my working days to four, then three and finally to two. I was seriously thinking about quitting all together.

We then discovered the Lifewave patches two months ago. Using them pulled me out of this doldrums. I could participate in some activities again, such as joining my son in a trip to Colorado three weeks ago.

After taking the Zeal products for a week, my left ankle is less swollen and numb. It has greater flexibility for the first time since 2005, See right photo below.

  feet April 2018

More exciting is that after nine days on the supplement I noted a growth of new nails with a smooth homogeneous surface (L photo below), replacing the old ones that have irregular ridges and white spots indicative of Calcium and other mineral deficiencies. In terms of TCM, it is liver and kidney problems.

Three more days later, more new toenails have grown back, especially on the right one!! (R photo below)

Toe with Patches Zeal   

Toneails 4/6/18 (L) vs Toenails 4/9/18

This is great news. In other words, if we provide the deficient nutrients from Zurvita, and use the patches to open the circulation to deliver the nutrients to the degenerated nails, bones, cartilages or teeth, normal new tissues will grow back quickly!!

Finally, an unexpected benefit is that I am losing my craving for sweets and meat, both of which I loved all my life! Craving for food is due to nutritional deficiencies. Mine are being replenished by Zeal. Even the itching from the yeast infection is diminished.

According to TCM, the toenail and eye are governed by the kidney and liver. The improvements of these organs have resulted also in a reduction of my tinnitus, a kidney problem.

My wife, May Lee, initially tested negative on the products, but when she tried them later and obtain benefits from them.

She had cataract surgery three years ago and her vision was unclear afterwards. When the lights were out, she could not even find her way out of our bedroom! Each day she must massage the meridian points on her head for 45 minutes in order to see. 

She finally got two NBE treatments and her vision improved each time, but she did not continue. Then we discovered the Lifewave patches, which also helped her vision, as she noted:

     “I can read these small white letters on tan background without my glasses!… believe it or not, I used to only be able to read black letter on white background… now I can read this without glasses. I can also see better when all the lights are out!”

But regular use of the patches causes her skin to itch. Fortunately, the Zeal drinks have also helped her vision. She was told that her other eye eventually would need cataract surgery. I feel that she could avoid the surgery by drinking Zeal along with periodic use of the patches.

Below are more testimonies from other people who have been benefited from the Zeal products.





Red Eye 2 Before ZealRed Eye 1 Before Zeal   Red Eye Improved Zeal


RETINAL DETACHMENTIn June Kat’s left eye suddenly became blind when she was driving. She went to the doctor and was told that she had retinal detachment with only 5% remained attached. There is only a 50% chance of a cure from surgery. She made an appointment to have surgery in six weeks. Her friends suggested the Zeal drink to her. She then went to see the doctor before surgery. Her doctor said she was healed. This is a miracle, as the chance of a natural healing is only one out of several hundred thousands!

LEG ULCER                                








Regrowth of Hair Zeal








Stay tuned for more testimonies.

Attached are references for information:   ENGLISH    CHINESE  這網頁有很多資料,有中文,英文,西班牙文

Take the Zeal drinks 3x a day 30 minutes before meals, but take the last dose 1.5 hours after dinner.


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