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Most of our patients have failed to find relief with other forms of alternative medicine. Find out why our NBE treatment is the most safe and effective alternative medicine therapy that cures ailments, and learn to modify your diet to sustain a long-term cure.


Why should we wish a happy Father’s Day to children?

Here is the reason:


                     To fathers and children, a happy Father’s Day;

             For without the children, Daddy wouldn’t be a dad today.

                But it’s not the kids’ day, why should they celebrate?

     For it’s Father’s Day we’d celebrate, and it’s the father who’d pay!

Yesterday was Dr. Elain’s birthday, and here is a poetic gift for her :

            Have a happy birthday, to our beloved Dr. Elain;

     I think she was twenty-five, now with one year to gain.

     And with such a gifted daughter, how can I complain?

    We have much to reminisce, down our fond memory’s lane.

    We give people pain… but the more pain the less they’d complain!

               No pain no gain… that’s how I would explain.

     They like the torture, as it brings back life’s rapture.

      Why mucho dolor… as I’d explain in perfect español…

    You don’t feel the dolor… would mean that I’m no mucho mejor!

                 So poco dolor for you, mucho mejor for me;

         As you are in a dolor prison, and we’re setting you free.

      Many patients have asked, how is the baby and Mom?

      Well, the baby loves to eat, and is chubby like piglets in a farm;

      And Mommy loves her baby, so she wants more to raise a farm…

     She wants a sport team too, as long as there’s no foul no harm.


      Yes Mommy loves her baby, as he brings her much joy.

     She used to treat patients, now she plays with her precious boy…

      She loves her patients too, but they’re not cute like her toy!

           Whatever you’d choose to do, it’s OK with me too…

        Yet don’t forget your skill, in healing sickness and pain;

        And sick people have so much, from your healing to gain.

        So just a reminder, you’ll always be Dr. Elain;

      We wish you a great life, with many more years to remain…

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