Taijiquan (太極拳) is a perfect exercise in the modern world

Taijiquan (太極拳) is a perfect exercise in the modern world

Taijiquan is a form of qigong, or exercise of “qi” – the life energy from the non-physical, living aspect of our existence. The physical body, like all matter, is inanimate and decays with time (science calls this behavior entropy). Its health is sustained by a spectrum of increasingly purer qi, higher power and wisdom – the mind/soul/spirit – to ultimately, the nothingness (無), which I call the Eternal Truth.

Unlike entropic matter, qi is negative entropic (negentropic), meaning it will not decay or die (life cannot die), and furthermore can sustain order, or health. It attaches to blood cells and commands them to heal disorders, just like our soul enlivens the body and directs it to repair problems. Disorders occur when tissues are deprived of qi/blood due to mind/body blockages (MBB) caused by deleterious factors, such as emotional stress, improper diet, chemicals (such as prescription drugs), trauma, bad weather, etc.

There are two types of qigong: motion and meditation (动功及内功). Both enhance our well-being by improving qi/blood flow. Exercise improves blood circulation only, and is ineffective when qi is blocked by MBB. Qigong, on the other hand, enhances qi flow to clear MBB and improve mind/body health.

Through relaxation and reduction of all thoughts to one (鬆,靜,自然; 以一念代萬念), meditation blocks out physical senses, allowing us to experience the spiritual realm and observe the qi factors that orchestrate physical events (there is no coincidence because all events have a spiritual purpose). Moreover, by uniting the body and mind, qigong brings the body closer to the Eternal Truth, enabling us to gain wisdom and insight in addition to improving health.

It is through deep meditation that ancient sages discovered the meridian system, Chinese medicine, Lao Tsu observed the big bang phenomenon. I have been meditating regularly to keep health after qigong mishaps 25 years ago. The wisdom I have gained gives me the insight to cure chronic ailments, which is impossible with allopathic medicine because drugs drain qi and weaken health. I have also been enlightened about the truth in the materialistic world, which is often twisted to gain and power. I am more creative in writing and can write Chinese poems, which was difficult for me, as I do not have much education in Chinese.

The problem is, focusing on one thought in meditation is not easy. Taijiquan, a form of motion qigong, requires mentally focusing on slow movements and breathing, which is easier. Once you have mastered concentrating on body movements, calming your mind becomes easy. When you are so immersed in Taijiquan that you become oblivious to the surrounding, you have energetically merged with the Universe (天人合一) – the ultimate goal of qigong.

Years ago, I used to teach my patients Taijiquan,but I made the same mistake as Steve Jobs – putting priority on work rather than health. I stopped practicing Taijiquan and gained no benefit. One needs to exercise regularly to reap the benefits.

Finally, Taijiquan can restore balance in the modern world that is too “yang,” meaning it promotes physical power, aggression, dominance, etc. Similarly, children are normally yang excess and yin deficient (陰常不足,陽常有餘). Because of yin deficient, they lack calming power and hence, are hyperactive and cannot concentrate. Psychiatrists fabricated a syndrome: Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, so they can push drugs on children. Yet ADHD can be readily cured with my NBE treatments. My therapy can also heal knee injuries from Taijiquan, which is especially prone in elderly with weak kidney qi.

In summary, Taijiquan promotes mind/body balance and connection with higher energies and wisdom and should be promoted for all ages. It can help restore balance in a materialistic, aggressive, war-torn world.