Using Food Supplements to Treat Alzheimer’s and Other Degenerative Disorders

Using Food Supplements to Treat Alzheimer’s or Other Degenerative Disorders

The best supplement is blending a variety of organic raw fruits (separately) & vegetables

Alzheimer’s and other degenerative disorders can be cured by restoring circulation and health of organs using anesthetic injections to enhance acupuncture, a therapy I call Neuro-BioEnergetics, or NBE. Ample cases on prove this fact. Below are examples:

A 74 y/o former patient, Dick, completely lost his memory and speech. After 2 years of therapies by other doctors to no avail, he came back to me. After two NBE treatments, he could recognize and call my name. His memory, speech and sense of humor were all restored within 7 treatments. Listen to radio show [4-17-04] on my website.

Freddie, 87 y/o, suffered from Parkinson’s disease for 12 years despite using many drugs. He could not cut his food because of hand tremors. Spasm of his legs caused him to fall and break his arm, rib and leg in different times. We cured his Parkinson, enabling him to use his hands. He has not fallen since his first treatment. His memory also deteriorates with aging. Junk food and death of friends caused him to be mentally confused. Alzheimer’s drugs made him even worse, such that he couldn’t recognize his family. NBE treatments readily reversed his problem each time. Now at 93, he takes no drug and dances with his wife weekly. See Youtube [2-25-14].

Once health is restored with NBE therapy, it can be sustained with proper diet and supplements using the following principles to enhance their effects:

*Function comes first. Weak digestive function must be fixed in order for nutrients to be absorbed. The Chinese found that functions are fueled by energy from our mind/spirit, qi, which flows with blood to heal sick tissues. When deleterious factors caused blockages of qi/blood flow (= mind/body blockages, MBB), depriving tissues of qi, disorders result. MBB affecting the brain, e.g., can cause dementia.

*Restore circulation to sick tissues. Circulation provides functions as well as delivers nutrients to the tissue. Restoring circulation to the brain can cure Alzheimer’s; to the pancreas would cure diabetes, etc.

*Holistic approach. Chinese medicine cures the patient by treating all symptoms, as any symptom (hypothyroid, chronic fatigue) can affect the function of any organ. While acupuncture is too weak for serious MBB, I found that NBE treatment is very effective and produces great results. The above patients also had arthritis, heart disease and other symptoms that we have cured.

*Sum of the parts is not the same as the whole. When a food is broken, the qi is lost. Putting the parts together would not work like the whole. For example, Ascorbic acid is only the antioxidant part of Vitamin C Complex, which also contains Vit. J, K, P and enzymes. When you ingest ascorbic acid, the body must supply these factors in order for it to work. Chronically this creates deficiencies. Similarly, tocopherols are merely the antioxidant of Vit E, and not its functional part. Similarly, taking phosphatidylserine (PS), a brain food, is less effective than eating organ meats, white beans and soybeans that contain PS. Other brain-enhancers are omega 3 oil with EPA and DHA. Again, cerebral circulation must be enhanced for optimal absorption of nutrients.

*Balance is the key. Health is sustained with an alkaline pH. Only fruits and vegetables alkalize the body. Food can also warm or cool the body depends on its heat/cold thermal nature. We must select food to balance the body’s heat/cold energies. Ruining this balance could cause sickness right away.

*Avoid synthetic food. Synthetic vitamins and food imposters (Saccharin, Aspartame) are chemicals; they have no healing qi. Only vitamins from whole food or whole food supplements can heal. Today foods are adulterated and full of harmful GMO, pesticides, antibiotics and hormones. Buy food that is “organic” and “non-GMO project certified.”

*GMO foods are ubiquitous. Most live stocks are fed with cheap GMO soy and corn, so restaurant foods are mostly GMO products. Common GMO foods are soy, corn, canola, potatoes, beet, tomatoes, zucchini and Hawaiian papaya.

*Raw food has enzymes with healing qi. Cooking destroys enzymes. A great way to supplement is to blend and drinking a variety of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Those with weak digestion, however, must cook their food.

* It’s mind over matter. Material imbalance (e.g., Calcium deficiency) takes time to cause symptoms, whereas qi imbalance usually causes sickness right away. For example, eating garlic or spicy food in a hot day can cause sickness the same day.
The best proof of mind over matter is that people can survive without food. Enlightened monks can breathe in qi and convert it to material parts to sustain health. Check and Holographic Universe by M. Talbot for real examples. Restoring blood flow to sick tissues provides instant improvement without any supplements, Therefore, it is more important to focus on qi and balance rather than the material nutrients.

*Supplements should be customized. Individual has different needs and deficiencies. Supplements should be customized by muscle testing. The grip strength of the patient is first tested, then retested with him/her holding the supplement. If the grip is stronger with the supplement – a positive test, then it is good for the person. A nutrient is bad for you if you already have an excessive amount of it.

*Robust health is key. Strengthen your health with periodic acupuncture and herbs. Having abundant qi prevents disorders and reduces the need for supplements.

Yee-Wing Tong, M.D.