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1. Lifewave Energy Patches

2. How Do Lifewave Energy Patches Work

View the amazing cases from above articles:

    Muscular DystrophyA patient dying from MD was dramatic improved with the patches alone.

    Before patching:

    After patching, he could open his eyes, breath and move his body!

    Over the weekend, he could talk and walk by himself!

    Flu symptoms, even on kids, vanished right after patching.

    Throat CA18 y/o girl severely damaged by 9 chemo and 38 radiation was cured with the patches.

    Metastatic lung CA

4. Chronic Disorders Are Curable  

Section F: Mental cases, Section G: Cancers, Section I: Organ failures, transplant



Cosmetics, tissue healing


Increase stamina and performance, widely used by professional athletes


3. Zurvita – adding this supplement puts me back among the living

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5. Infections including superbugs can be cured with East/West therapy —

6. The Vaccine Scam —

7. 我寄给了习近平主席的信  



西方種疫苗之真相 (三首), 中华改革诗二首