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Most of our patients have failed to find relief with other forms of alternative medicine. Find out why our NBE treatment is the most safe and effective alternative medicine therapy that cures ailments, and learn to modify your diet to sustain a long-term cure.

Yee-Wing Tong, M.D.


Elain Tong, D.O.

Elain Tong, D.O.

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Elain Tong DO has been recognized as one of the top Costa Mesa Family Medicine practices.
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 Yee-Wing Tong, M.D.

drtong_profileDr. Tong was born in China, and immigrated to the United States at the age of 14. He attended undergraduate school at the California Institute of Technology, initially majoring in physics, then changing to biology when he decided to embark on a medical career. He obtained his medical education at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, and his anesthesia training at the LA County-USC Medical Center.

During his fourth year in medical school, he was exposed to acupuncture. Skeptical at first because of his western scientific background, he tried acupuncture for various symptoms, and subsequently became interested in Chinese medicine.

In 1977, he started practicing surgical anesthesia. Meanwhile, he managed pain disorders by combining acupuncture and anesthetic techniques, such as nerve blocks, epidurals, and cryoneurolysis. He called this approach Neuro-BioEnergetics, or NBE treatment. It was through this combination practice that he gradually realized the fallacy of drug and surgery treatment, namely, they treat symptoms rather than the causes of a disease. In 1984, he discontinued his practice of anesthesia and devoted full time to pain management.

From his pain therapies, Dr. Tong observed that non-pain symptoms were serendipitously eliminated along with the pain. Hence, he expanded his study and practice to include non-painepidural disorders. When he had acquired the proficiency to consistently cure a variety of chronic ailments using the Chinese principle, he decided to investigate its scientific basis.

He began to study a form of energy healing called Qigong, “Qi“being the subtle energy essence upon which Chinese medicine is based. He soon found out how the ancient Chinese discovered the Meridian systems (see infrared thermographic demonstration of qigong on the mind/body page). More importantly, he proved the reality of Qi by acquiring the ability to emit it and effect movement of people many feet away. He decided to incorporate this energy healing into his practice.

However, six months of excessive draining of this life energy caused a sudden collapse of his health. He developed unrelenting pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, immune deficiency, spine deformity, memory loss and depression. He sought help from practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncturists, herbalists, chiropractors, and energy healers with little improvement. He decided to treat himself using his own NBE technique.

After nine years of research and experimentation with NBE treatments and various remedies, such as nutrition, herbs, meditation, biomagnetics, homeopathy, and aromatherapy, Dr. Tong has managed to regain much of his health. It was from this tortuous healing saga that he has gained a profound insight to the mind-body mechanism, and learned to effectively cure chronic degenerative ailments.

The remarkable case histories provided on this web site are Dr. Tong’s typical results. He attributes much of this success to his own healing experience. Moreover, through his research he was able to prove the congruence of ancient Eastern wisdom with modern Western science. Specifically, he found that quantum and Relativistic kinematics are consistent with the Chinese yin and yang principle as well as its concept of inseparable body, mind, and spirit, with spiritual immanence.

The NBE treatment rectifies both physical and mental problems, and is effective for a variety of chronic ailments. Based on the primacy of the mind in healing, the treatment clears up deep emotional wounds as well as old physical injuries. Moreover, the therapy promotes health rather than fighting diseases as with the conventional method. The success of the NBE approach is the result of conforming to Nature, whereas the failure of allopathic medicine in similar problems is due to its contradiction to physiology. His patients come from all over the world after failing to obtain relief elsewhere.

conference1He first presented his findings for pain disorders in the 1994 annual conference of the American Academy of Pain Management. Subsequently in 1996, he presented a synopsis entitled “Chronic Disorders are Curable with Neuro-BioEnergetics Treatment ” at a symposium sponsored by the Maricopa Medical Center and Arizona Pain Institute. The findings were supported by a study of 1000 patients with a variety of chronic maladies including pain, surgical, metabolic, endocrine, immune and mental problems. The synopsis was published in the symposium proceedings and is posted on this web site.

This marks the first time a Western physician validated the Eastern energy concept with positive clinical results covering a wide spectrum of degenerative disorders. A comprehensive paper explaining the energy concept and the NBE treatment was rejected by the New England Journal of Medicine, the Journal of American Medical Association, and Lancet without expert reviews. In response, Dr. Tong wrote a rebuttal to these journals, which is posted under “Publications and Unpublished Writings” on this web site.

Dr. Tong is writing a book regarding this breakthrough. The main purpose is to expose the fallacy of the allopathic model, which is fixated on an outdated Newtonian material concept, ignoring the energetic aspects of our existence as revealed by quantum mechanics and Relativity. This model is not scientific as it contradicts physics, our most precise scientific discipline. A paradigm shift in medicine is long over due.

It is unfortunate that the United States leads the world in degenerative ailments despite its enormous health expenditure. Mortality from orthodox therapies are now the 3rd leading cause of deaths in the U.S.! Yet organized medicine is too preoccupied with personal interests to seek the truth. It was an informed public that uncovered in the past the importance of nutrition, and it is also the public that is responsible for the massive movement to natural therapies. It is time for medicine to learn to cure diseases rather than covering symptoms. The current band-aid approach causes more harm than good.

Dr. Tong is a member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, American Holistic Medical Association, American Holistic Health Association, and a diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management. He is a frequent guest lecturer in health and civil conferences. He has appeared with his patients on KNBC national TV and other local TV and radio programs, and is currently educating the public through cable TV and the internet.


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Top family doctors in Costa Mesa, CA

Elain Tong DO has been recognized as one of the top Costa Mesa Family Medicine practices.
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 Elain Tong, D.O.

Elain Tong, D.O.Dr. Elain Tong was born in Pasadena, CA. Her interest in medicine began at a young age, after suffering multiple ankle injuries from years of practicing ballet. Her injuries were successfully treated by her father using the NBE method, which allowed her to continue dancing, performing, and competing. When she was 15, her father taught her the NBE technique to help treat his own chronic illnesses. It was these experiences that led her to pursue a career in medicine.

Elain graduated from UCLA with a major in Psychobiology and a minor in Classical Civilization, and then went on to study Chinese Medicine for two years at Samra University in Los Angeles. She received her medical degree from Western University of Health Sciences’ College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific in 2005 and completed her Residency in Family Practice at Pacific Hospital of Long Beach in 2008.  She is board certified with the American Osteopathic Board of Family Medicine and an adjunct faculty member of Touro University in Vallejo, CA.

During medical school Dr. Elain began helping her father treat his patients during rotations through his clinic. By the time she reached residency, she was successfully treating pain as well as non-pain disorders using this method. She joined Dr Tong in his practice full time in July 2008 and has incorporated herbal and homeopathic injectables to the NBE technique as well as nutrition, herbal supplements, and nutraceuticals to enhance treatment results.

She has been a co-host of the radio show “Freedom From Pain Programs” with Dr. Tong since September of 2000, which now airs in Southern California every Saturday from 4-4:30 pm on KBRT AM740.

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Co-hosting “Freedom From Pain Programs”


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