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To: Provosts David Tirrell and Kaushik Bhattacharya, Drs.Thomas Rosenbaum and Stephen Mayo
From: Yee-Wing Tong, M.D., Class of 1970, B.S. Biology, student of Nobel Laureate Dr. E.B. Lewis.

After Caltech, I studied anesthesia at the USC School of Medicine and also learned Chinese medicine (TCM). By combining anesthetic blocks and acupuncture I discovered how to cure chronic ailments and presented my findings at the Maricopa Medical Center in 1996.

This link summarizes my discovery. Note that serious disorders (cancer, heart disease, organ failure, mental depression… even anti-aging) can be readily reversed. Note also that nearly all of my patients felt great relief with their very first treatment. 2018/10/24/a-monumental-medical-breakthrough-2/

The article on “Health Crisis…” provides more details of my work, and is written for lay journals, as major medical journals would not publish my papers. health-crisis-in-us-hong-kong-can-be–resolved

My journey has led to much understanding of the human Spirit, whose healing power, qi (life energy), is the basis for TCM. Qi is the immaterial vibration corresponding to the wave aspect in quantum mechanics that western (material) science knows little about. Unfortunately, all physical events, such as human destiny, are shaped by spiritual forces.

Using E=mc21-v2/c2 of Einstein’s Special Relativity and Thermodynamic Laws I can clarify many riddles in quantum mechanics, such as entanglement (nonlocal events), teleportation, magnetic migration (I have read that magnetites were discovered in human by a Caltech team), etc.

I am writing an article to prove the continuity of life and that life in the physical form begins at conception in the one-cell stage. Therefore, abortion at any embryonic stage is, in fact, murder!

“As you sow, so shall you reap.” Those involved in abortions will pay for their deed according to Karma, which is a Law because spiritual forces that govern physical events run in circles. Also, the structure of the spiritual realm consists of concentric spheres, and not just curves as Einstein noted.

As Karmic energies are attached to physical organs, it is not good for transplant recipients, as they would acquire the bad Karma of the donors forever. It is even worse for the donors, because their souls would forever be incomplete.  

I am looking forward to sharing these findings with you and make Caltech the first institution to announce this monumental breakthrough that would immensely benefit humanity.

Note: The Etheric world is the lower planes of the spiritual realm.                                                                      “Science and Human Transformation” William Tiller, PhD, former Chair of Material Science, Stanford U.

MENTAL EXERCISE: Prove the following with the hints given

A. LIFE is energy with Negative Entropy (negentropy)

Hints – 1.Beyond the frontier of the expanding Universe. 2. E is negative in the above graph 3. At physical death there is no material loss.

B. The continuity of Life — 1. Life before birth (organ donation), 2.Life at conception (compare zygote with a corpse)  3. Life after death – meridian after organ removal, P. Limb. 4e

C. QI RUNS IN CIRCLES, SPACE CONSISTS OF CONCENTRIC SPHERES — 1. Can qi run in a straight line? What happens to E when v=0, v=c, and v= infinite speed?

CONSCIOUSNESS: Most are wrong – the brain does not generate the mind.

The quantum soul  —  — 

What is consciousness  — 

Quantum physics – Let there be Life

AI — We have an imbalance of technology advance and spiritual wisdom      






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