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A poem by Yee-Wing Tong, M.D.

(for the biography of Dr. Tong, see # [1] in -monumental-medical-breakthrough)


Prologue. It is easy to change a nation’s landscape, but not one’s personality.”- Chinese proverb.

I am a Chinese American, but I am writing as a world citizen for global peace. China for its entire history has rarely engaged in a war with a nation without provocation. In fact, many emperors had tried all efforts to make peace with enemies, such as building the Great Wall, or giving a beloved concubine away as a gift. This peaceful foreign behavior has manifested for thousands of years and is not likely to change.

In contrast, historically the West has habitually conquered and colonized weaker races to enslave the people and rob them of their resources. Britain, for example, has had colonies all over the world! Today, the US has over 400 military bases everywhere, and perpetually teamed up with allies to attack its opponents.

An American documentary, The Coming War On China, shows that the US tried to destroy China with hundreds of missiles in the Pacific, which nearly started a nuclear war by mistake! Another western documentary, Japanese Atrocities, exposes the hypocrisy of the US as the self-appointed world policeman, who has exonerated Japanese war criminals more heinous than the Nazis.

The fact that South Sea Islands belong to China is clarified by Professor Lai of Taiwan. In 1956, a Chinese general built a tiny temple Joss House in one of the islands. A screenshot from a video displaying a 1947 Rand McNally map shows that all islands belong to China (see photo).

The video, McNally Map1, was later removed by Google, indicating Google may have a role in information control for the US. Another video, McNally Map2, also shows the map. After WWII, the Kairos Proclamation required these islands invaded by Japan must be returned to China.

Also, the Philippines was not listed as an owner of any of the island in these maps, yet the US orchestrated the Hague Arbitration (chaired by a Japanese) to name the Philippines as the owners of some of the islands!  

For centuries, China has been repeatedly pillaged and humiliated by the West and Japan, yet it has not retaliated. Besides its historic dovish attitude, modern China has been non-combative in reacting to provocations by US and Japan in the Pacific. Its focus is to build a stable society for its massive population.

Foremost among Chinese minds is to ensure no more defeat and humiliation! China also wants to prove that it can build a prosperous society via a different political system than that of the West. Indeed they have done it by modernizing China in just 40 years with a GDP surpassing that of the US in purchased power parity and lifting more than 700 million from poverty! Echoing with my views are famed authors Martin Jacques, Kishore Mahbubaniand Dambisa Moyo.

China will reign in the 21st century because Beijing strives for the revival of the Central Kingdom, whereas Washington caters to the Military Complex and Wall Street. Every four years in the US, a new leader will be elected, but its policies remain the same – wasting tax dollars on wars, big banks and corporations, thus continuing the transfer of wealth from the poor to rich.

In contrast, China may not change leadership for the next 10 years as Xi Jinping solidifies his power, but policies will be modified to achieve its goal — to promote harmony and prosperity for all by returning to  traditional Chinese values: such as “men and nature are one of Taoism, selfless doctrine of Buddhism, and “disparity rather than destitution is the problem,” as expounded by Confucius. In promoting his Belt and Road Initiative, Xi calls for “a common destiny for humanity.”   

Few people see that the US today exists only in name. Its sovereignty was relinquished to a private central banking cartel (CBC) by the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, which created the Federal Reserve to counterfeit money and lend it to the US. Through printing fiat money, the Fed has levied an inflationary tax on the world by depreciating the dollar by 96%. And the Fed has further robbed trillions from the world by manipulating interest rates to create boom/bust cycles. Watch The Creature From Jekyll Island.

The US claims to be a nation for the people and by the people, yet it permits a foreign CBC rather than its citizens to counterfeit money. More importantly, it continues to commit war crimes against nations that pose no threat to US soil. None of the US invasions have improved peace or freedom of its victims. Instead, millions of people have been killed. Americans will pay for these atrocious Karmic deeds.

As you sow so shall you reap.” Karma is a natural Law that governs human destiny. The current shift of prosperity from the West to East is Nature’s way to return to the East what had been robbed from them by the West. Japan is paying for its Karma from its assaults on other Asians. It is suffering from a deepening debt-based economy, dermagraphic problems, Fukushima and natural disasters.

Most Japanese are peaceful and amicable, but Japanese soldiers waged wars on other countries to satisfy the imperial lust of their government. Americans are similarly brainwashed by media propaganda controlled by the elites. Many Americans still feel that the wars US have fought were for peace and freedom. In reality, the US is a puppet of the CBC fighting for their one world order.

In contrast, China is ensuring peace by keeping the US at bay. A strong China has prevented the West from invading Iran, North Korea and Venezuela. All major wars in recent decades were fought thousands of miles away from US soil, and were instigated by the US without Congressional declaration.

It is time we learn the truth about the CBC and its clandestine agents: the Fed, EUB, IMF, BIS and SWIFT. Do your own due diligence to learn about these institutions, which rule the world by printing fiat money to bribe governments, but none of their directors is democratically elected by the people. In truth, democracy in the West is a fake-news reality show.

The US is also belligerent with financial and tariff wars. The trade deficit of the US with other nations is an inherent problem of the US Dollar (USD) being a reserve currency. The US must export USD via trade deficits to supply the world with USD to trade. This is why the US has a trade deficit not only with China but with all other nations as well.

Moreover, since Nixon removed the gold backing of the USD in 1971, it no longer has any intrinsic value. But being the reserve currency, the US can exchange worthless USD for real goods made by people with sweat and blood! This advantage, however, has crippled Americans, who have gotten used to debt spending and lost their manufacturing skills. As a result, the US has little to sell to China, and refuse to sell the high-tech items that Chinese want to buy. So how can trade be balanced?

Moreover, tariff is not paid by China as Trump claimed. It is paid by US importers, and eventually by US citizens through higher costs of consumer goods. In fact, a year of trade war with China has further widened the trade deficit by more than 11%. Moreover, the tariff revenue will go to the government and ultimately to the elites via policies based on their agenda. In other words, trade war is another way to further transfer wealth from taxpayers to the elites.

The USD, however, is collapsing, as political insider J. Willie pointed out. Saudi Arabia has secretly joined other OPEC nations to sell oil in renminbi rather than USD in defiance of the Petrodollar Accord. Willie also exposed dark secrets of US politics, such as the US collusion with foreign states to create the 911 terrorism to justify for more wars, and the recovery of stolen gold at Fort Knox to back a new dollar in a currency reset. The dilemma for the US on the reset is that most of its gold had been leased to commercial banks who had sold them to the East.  

In summary, it is critical to know that the CBC and US acting as their puppet are the culprits for today’s endless geopolitical conflicts!  Besides various forms of wars, US NGOs also finances regime changes to topple opposition in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Arab Spring…

Willie also exposed that people from Hong Kong (HK) were paid to protest China in many issues, such as Occupy Central and the proposed Extradition Law between China and HK, which has stunned the world by arousing a record number of people out on the street protesting against it.

The original reason for the proposed law, as pointed out by Nathan Rich, is that a Taiwanese has murdered his girlfriend from HK in Taiwan, then he escaped to HK and got away with murder, as there is no extradition law between the two places. Hence one of the intend is to prevent HK from becoming a sanctuary for criminals, including corrupted officials from mainland.

China Watch reports that the West saw this as an opportunity to turn it into a political issue. US and western leaders met with dissidents from HK earlier this year to plan out this massive demo. An enormous amount of money are most likely being spent in an effort to destroy China. Friends from Hong Kong have told us that protestors were paid $1500 or more per day to join the March.

The outcry is that China can use this Law for political oppression. However, China already has a similar Law with many nations as well as with Taiwan and Macau for years, not a single incident of political oppression has occurred. Moreover, the HK Law requires that the suspect must commit crimes both in HK and China in order to be extradited.

Now compare the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng by Canada for extradition to the US. Meng has only violated the US sanctions against Iran but has not committed any crime in Canada, which is not involved in the sanction. Considering the fact that HK belongs to China and Canada does not belong to the US, once can see that the rule of law in the West is just a farce.

The real truth behind the western action is that Hong Kong is a port where foreign espionage agencies can enter freely for information exchange. The CIA has one of its largest operations in HK. The proposed Law would allow China to extradite CIA suspects and ruin its operation. Thus, the US will do anything to stop Hong Kong from passing such Law.  

It bears repeating that the West is a running dog for the CBC to achieve global dominance. It is so sad that the dissidents in HK have been brain-washed to aid and abet their masters in the quest to enslave world citizens, including the dissidents themselves.

 Finally, I divulge that I have no ties with China. In fact, I left China in 1962 because my great grandparents were persecuted as landlords and one died as a result. I empathize with similar victims and families, but the Communists had no direct role in these tragedies. It was hardship and chaos from the Japanese invasion and internal wars that drove people insane. What China has done in reviving the country and lifting millions out of poverty has more than made up for our loss.

A great news revealed by Willis is that Trump has been secretly meeting with Xi and Putin to prevent a global war. His recent abrupt action calling off an attack on Iran due to the shot down of a US drone by Iran could be a gesture for peace. The fact is that Iran poses no threat to peace, and the rest of the world is against the US plan to invade Iran.

 The world will be peaceful after the USD collapses and the US can no longer print money to cause chaos, as Jacques, Mahbubani and Moyo have all anticipated. “China threat,” is just a western propaganda. Chinese are genetically programmed to compete against foreigners with their minds rather than fists. They usually dominate in various societies as top merchants and not Mafia.

Finally, most Americans are unaware of an impending economic crisis due to the coming collapse of the USD. The crisis will be the biggest in our lifetime due to astronomical global debts. It would be a big shock for Americans who have been used to debt spending. The US should stop all forms of aggression and use its financial resources to pay off debts and prepare for the crisis.

Below is part of my poem. See the complete one:

For centuries the Central Kingdom reigns the eastern lands;

with a huge populace, rich culture and history, she’s the mightiest of all.

Yet she was besieged by the Xiongnu of the northern sands,    —匈奴

although she could crush these irksome pests, as they were truly small.

But as a good neighbor, she built a monstrous Wall…

just to ensure peace, harmony and prosperity for all.


A Han diplomat was sent with a peaceful message,    — 穌武

but by accident he had become a political hostage.


He stayed in Xiongnu land in confinement…        

So that both sides could live in contentment.


In another time, a royal concubine was sent to a Xiongnu tribe,  王昭君

not as an undercover agent, but as a peacemaking bride.


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