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The truth about money: 


The death of the dollar: 


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The US borrow money by selling Treasury Bonds (an I.O.U.)  The Fed then creates money out of thin air by writing a check from an account with no money in it; so the check (in US Dollars) is just a receipt for the Bond. In other words, our entire currency system is created by the government swapping I.O.U.’s with the Fed printing counterfeit claim-checks for these I.O.U.’s!


Financial experts have predicted a major collapse of the US economy in 2018, resulting in the worst global financial calamity in history!

Every 10 years, financial crises are created by the West to rob the people of their resources. See the Dollar Vigilante video below for more details.  It has been 10 years since the last crisis in 2008. There is strong evidence that we will have another major crisis in 2018 – the worst in history!

On Friday, February 2, 2018, or the 33rd day of the year, the Dow dropped 666 points – a Satanic number according to the Bible!!

It was actually 665.75. However, considering how the Dow Index is composed of many companies, any number this close to 666 should not be dismissed as a coincidence, as the financial world is rigged by the West. Consider another example:

The icon of the Apple Company is the forbidden fruit with a “byte” eaten from it.

The first Apple computer was priced at $666.66!  See the video below for more information. (in Chinese with pictures showing the above)

Its smartphone is called iPhone (eyePhone). Is the eye from the iPhone related to the all-seeing eye at the top of the pyramid on the back of the US dollar (USD) – a symbol of the Freemasons, also known as the Illuminati?

By drawing an inverted pyramid symmetrical to the one on the back of the USD, one would get the Star of David. Furthermore, note the letters at the tips of the Star:

M – right lower corner

A – left upper corner

S – right upper corner

O – mid bottom

N – left lower corner

Freemason is a clandestine, an ultra rich society, which consists of central bankers, wealthy and powerful individuals that aim to control the world through a one-world-order, as implied by the Latin words on the USD. The group believes the number “33” is special in Numerology.

Fourteen US presidents are/were Freemasons. The society has financed major wars and created financial crises through manipulating interest rates and other monetary instruments. For example, the Bush family had financed WWI and WWII.

The Federal Reserve, EU, IMF, BIS, etc., are agencies of Illuminati – all of which are privately owned institutions. The Federal Reserve is not a federal agency. It is also a private corporation.

In 1913, a corrupted US government passed a law to allow this private corporation to print billions of fiat dollars out of thin air and lend to the US. It then enacted the Income Tax Act to make the citizens pay for these counterfeit loans each year!

Global financial crises are created roughly every 10 years mainly via the Federal Reserve. The Fed begins each cycle with low interest rates to promote borrowing and exporting the USD overseas. As interest rates rise, an enormous amount of interest would be earned by the bankers.

The prosperity from easy money leads to increased borrowing and leveraging of real estate and other investments. This drives up prices, creating bubbles in many economic sectors.

The Fed then raises interest rates, resulting in higher loan payments and defaults, collapsing bubbles and the global economy. Moreover, high interest rates result in a stronger US dollar, attracting the inflow of capitals back to the USD as a safe haven.

Meanwhile, the Fed would buy all the bankrupted assets at bottom prices via foreclosures. Thus, a  tremendous amount of wealth was transferred to these bankers during each crisis they have created.

Moreover, through inflation, the Fed has debased the USD by 97% since 1913, thereby robbing 97% of the wealth from people as well as their freedom, as 1% of the Cabal controls the rest of the world.

The current US stock market boom is a false prosperity driven by low interest rates set by the Fed, which promote borrowings. But most companies use their borrowed fund to buy back their own stocks to drive up share prices rather than as capital to expand their businesses.

An even greater factor is that the Fed can also buy stocks, which should be illegal. Since the Fed can print an unlimited amount of money, it can easily control prices by buying or selling in huge amounts.

The Rothschild family owns most of the central banks. Nathan Rothschild had reportedly said,

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets.The man controls the Britain’s money supply control the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”                                        

On the front page of the 1988 issue of their magazine, The Economist, there was a coin with 2018 on it and the words “Get ready for a world currency”, implying a new currency was planned for 2018.

Since WWII, the USD has been the world’s reserve currency, which has been accepted everywhere as legal tender. It was initially backed by gold, as the US had accumulated the most amount of gold from European nations that had sent their gold to the US for safe keeping during the War.

However, much of the gold was depleted in financing the Korean, Vietnam War and other wars. When France repatriated their gold, other countries planned to follow. Nixon then removed the gold-backing of the USD.

Kissinger had an ingenious solution where he made an agreement with major oil-producers in the Middle East, the OPEC nations, such that they would sell oil only for the USD, and in return the US would provide them military protection.

This marked the birth of the Petrodollar. To purchase oil, all nations must buy USD first, e.g., by investing in US treasuries. This gave the US the unlimited power to print fiat money to expand the economy and use on wars in order to ensure its hegemony.  

Those who dared to challenge the Petrodollar were annihilated. For example, Muammar Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein were murdered for this reason; Gaddafi tried to sell Libyan oil for gold, and Hussein sold Iraqi oil for the Euro.

However, the involvement of perpetual wars and other reckless spending had resulted in a growing distrust in the USD as well as over 20 trillions in national debts – an amount that can never be repaid.

In the past, rising interest rates would attract capitals to invest in the USD, resulting in a stronger dollar. However, interest rates were raised 5 times by the Fed in 2017, yet the USD continues to fall against the Chinese reminbi, indicating the world trusts the reminbi over the USD.

The central bank of Germany has started to use the reminbi as reserve currency. Other nations will follow, especially after March 26, 2018 when China plans to back the renminbi with gold. This would be another major blow to the USD. If the Cabal can postpone the collapse, watch out for October and November of 2018, which is sick time according to Chinese Geomancy.

Major oil producers, such as Russia, Iran, Venezuela, Qata, etc. have replaced the USD with reminbi in oil sage. Saudi Arabia has not followed this trend due to its fear of US retaliation. Currently, Saudi is buying weapons from Russia.

When Saudi gets enough support from Russia, it will sell its oil for reminbi. This could mark the end of the Petrodollar, and the US would lose its ability to print fiat money at will.

As a result, inflation will soar. Government benefits will be cut. With Donald Trump’s (DT) trade wars against China and the rest of the world, there would be shortage of daily necessities including food.

Chaos may break out. Many Walmart buildings have been emptied out to supplement FEMA camps if needed. Martial Laws would be used.

Because of the global interconnection, all nations will be affected. The recent volatility of the stock markets world wide could be a premonition of the impending calamity.

It is better to be prepared months early than one day late.    

We must understand the root cause of our impending financial crisis. More importantly, we will pay for the bad Karma from the atrocities of the numerous wars instigated by the US acting as a puppet for the cabal.

The Cabal that has controlled the US government for the past century.

I’ve voted for Trump (DT) because what he said as a candidate demonstrated his knowledge of the truth about our problems. Specifically, he said in his “Contract with America” that he will not use military force, but instead will build infrastructure, boost the economy, etc.

But as President, he is doing the opposite of everything he has promised. You can read more about this information by clicking here.



94 million our of our labor force43 million in poverty, on food stamps. 20% of people in prime years not working. The last president put on more debt than all previous presidents combined. Over 20 trillion in debt – the biggest in history and the main reason that will destroy America. Yet we are expanding the military budget at the expense of social benefits and rebuilding our country!

Who is threatening the security of American soil? Not North Korea, Syria, or Afghanistan and definitely not China. China has not been an aggressor in any wars for centuries. See THE MYTH OF A CHINA THREAT. Our military is wasting millions, daily, in the Pacific Oceans provoking troubles and proxy wars on China. Yet China has not fired one bullet and is peacefully winning its battle over the Pacific islands, as they understand that Benevolence is Invincible.

In truth, we are trying to instigate wars in the Middle East to control oil flow and block the peaceful ascendance of China through its global One-Belt-One-Road project. It is not terrorism that we are fighting; we are trying to overthrow regimes unfriendly to us, such as Syria and Iran.

But violence begets violence – we are inviting more hatred and senseless violence at home. Past geopolitical conflicts usually caused capital flight to the USD as a safe haven, but this time the flight goes to the China dollar reminbi instead!

Finally, blind “patriotism” of supporting our military actions only benefits the Military Industry Complex, accelerates the demise of America, and brings more bad Karma that Americans will eventually suffer! 

As a candidate, Donald Trump knew the truth: inflation was way higher than government figures, unemployment was closed to 20%, stock and bonds was in a bubble, etc.

Most exciting was that he promised not to use the military, but he has not kept his promise. The economy has not changed, and the biggest financial crisis in our life time is about to hit.


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